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Breakaway Endurance is a NY Based, USA Triathlon Certified Team that is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Our coaches will have your ready for your next triathlon, marathon, open water race, Gran Fondo, cross country run, and more.

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click above for great insights into endurance training.

click above for great insights into endurance training.


Certified Coaching

Our coaches hold USA Triathlon Coaching Certification, Level 3 USA Cycling Coaching Certification, Level 3 US Masters Coaching Certification, ACSM Personal Coaching Certification.  We will use our knowledge to implement a metrics based workout plan that will have you at your best on race day.  With our knowledge we will maximize each workout to build you into the best possible athlete you can be, while maintaining a fun, motivating, and healthy atmosphere.

Member Benefits:

Coached swimming in a 25 meter pool

Indoor cycling training for maximum efficiency (group rides when the weather allows)

Group Computrainer Rides at Chelsea Piers* (additional fee $25 for members, $30 for non-members)

We use Training Peaks to help you stay on track, and help us monitor your progress.

Coached run workout

Structured workout program based on testing to have you at your best on race day

Scheduling that fits a busy NY lifestyle

Discounts on premium gear

Discounts on race entry

Plus, Even Steven the social arm of the team where you can relax and get to know your teammates away from practice

Raquel will have you at your best come race day.

Raquel will have you at your best come race day.

Tyler, will improve your running technique.  If he can"t get you to love running, no one can

Tyler, will improve your running technique.  If he can"t get you to love running, no one can

Workout Programming:

We will base our programming around testing.  This will allow us to personalize workouts to best fit your skills, and needs.  This kind of programming will allow for maximized gains and have you ready on race day.




All of our coaches are athletes themselves and are passionate about the sport they love.  Each of our coaches truly enjoys to coach up our members to get the best out you.  You will receive coaching based on your individual needs, skills, and goals.

Marc Gershel 

Open Water Swimming
Strength Training

Marc is a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, and a USMS Level 3 Certified Coach.  Marc has competed in triathlons, open water races, aquathlons, half marathons, cross country races, XTERRA races and a beer mile. Okay, two beers miles.  He has overall and podium finishes to his credit. Marc is also AHA CPR and AED certified.

Raquel Miller


Raquel is a Level 3 USA Certified Cycling Coach and a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. She was a Div 1 cross country and track runner who went on to compete in triathlons after college. Eventually, Raquel decided to become a bike racer, quickly becoming one of NYC's top female cyclists. She spent the next several years competing in elite and professional events, ending her career in 2015 at Tour de Millersburg where she won all 3 stages.

Tyler Raymond

Cross Country Running
Marathon Training

Tyler, a runner all his life, ran track in college with a personal best of 4:03.00 in the mile.  He has also run a 2:37.00 marathon.  Tyler also has competed in triathlons.  Easy to get along with and always available to help, Tyler is an exceptional running coach who will see to it that you will be ready come race day. 

Megan Jones

Open Water Swimming

A former Division 1 swimmer, Megan has  competed in Open Water races, Aquathlons, and XTERRA races.  She holds both podium and overall titles to her credit. When she isn't swimming, or coaching swimming, you can find her scuba diving. She is a USMS Level 3 Certified Coach and has coached both masters swimmers and triathletes.



You will find membership options, and Breakaway Endurance gear here.  Just click on the purchase button to complete you transaction.


Unlimited Membership

Unlimited membership will give you full access to Breakaway Endurance. You will gain access to our Training Peaks account where all of our workouts are posted.  You will get 2 coached runs per week, and 2 coached swim workouts per week. You get to train with teammates to keep you motivated. As we get closer to the season, there will be group rides.  You get discounts on premium gear. 


Run/Bike Membership Only

Swimming, is not really my thing.  I am training for (Half) Marathon, cross country race, Grand Fondo, etc, and want teammates to train with and a structured workout plan to get the best possible results. This is what you are looking for.

Men's and Women's Sleeveless tri top

Men's and Women's Sleeveless tri top

Silicone swim cap with logo

Silicone swim cap with logo

Breakaway Endurance Tri Top

These sleeveless triathlon tops, with team logo, and silhouette of the famous New York City skyline. These tops are made in the USA. Our aero triathlon top is made from an imported teflon treated Italian fabric, that drys quickly, provides protection from the sun, keeps the skin cool and protects against chaffing.  This high-performance top is designed to deliver maximum comfort and minimal drag.  The top is finished with two side-entry rear pockets for easy access to fuel, a 3/4 length front zipper and a gripper on the waist band to keep the top in place.  Available in both Men's and Women's tops.

Breakaway Endurance Silicone Swim Cap

Show off your team support with these ultra comfortable silicone swim caps.  These caps are extremely durable, tear resistant, and able to withstand the rigors or training.

Sample Workout Week

Here is a brief overview of our offseason workout schedule. As the season progresses, there will be changes made to our schedule to meet the changing demands of training.

All of our workouts will be posted to our Training Peaks account as a way for both you and our coaching staff to keep track of where you are in your training.


MONDAY- Recovery Day Easy Ride On your Own followed by an easy Run On your Own.  Written flexibility, and strength training exercises.

TUESDAY- Cycling workout, written by our staff.  This is done at your convenience at home on a bike trainer, or on a stationary bike that can basic cycling inputs.

WEDNESDAY- Speed Run Lead by Tyler.  A 1 hour High intensity workout designed to increase speed, power and anaerobic threshold.

THURSDAY- 2 Hour swim practice at Baruch College lead by one of our swim coaches.  You will be taught proper technique, race strategies, and build endurance.

Thursday you'll double down on your efforts with a challenging bike workout designed to push you towards your cardio goals

FRIDAY- Rest Day.  Sleep in (as much as that possible in NYC).

SATURDAY- A long bike session for your trainer.  Build the power, and endurance you need with this workout. (During the season, their will be organized group rides)

SUNDAY- Long Run lead by our running staff.  A steady aerobic run that will see you build you aerobic base, the key to finishing a strong race.

You get the rest of the morning and afternoon off to eat, relax, and unwind before hitting the pool for one last workout of the week. A 1 hour swim workout at the Vanderbilt Y.  Then it's home to eat, and unwind.


Whatever your fitness goals are, you will be surrounded by enthusiastic, friendly, and motivated people to help you achieve your goals and surpass your expectations.

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Unlimited Membership

$99 — Per Month (minimum 3 month commitment)

What you get:

-Access to our Training Peaks account.

-1 coached swim per week (Thurs mornings at Baruch College)  

-3 written run workouts (2 of which are coached) per week.  

-2 trainer sessions written by our cycling coach to maximize the benefits of cycling for you to do on your own. 

-Organized group rides during the peak training season.

-Structured training based on your testing to get you the starting line in the best shape possible.  

-Discounts on premium gear.

-Discounts to race entry

-Training with your teammates to help motivate you and coaches to hold you accountable to get the most out of you.

To Purchase Breakaway Membership click below:

-For Insurance purposes, you must be a US Masters Swimming member (register as NYC Hydras "NYCH") Follow the link below to join USMS:

RUN/BIKE Membership

Yeah, but I don't want to swim!  I've got a (half) marathon coming up!  We've got you covered.

-$50 Per Month (3 month minimum)

What you get:

-Access to our Training Peaks account

-3 written run workouts per week (2 of which are Coached)

-2 written cycling workouts written per week.

-Organized group rides during the training season

- You get the discounts on Premium Gear

-Training with teammates to help motivate you, and coaches to hold you accountable to get the most out of you.

To purchase Run/Bike Membership (Online Store > Contracts)

Drop In Prices

Swim- $25 Per Class*

Bike- $30 Per Class* ($20 for Unlimited Members)

Run- $20 Per Class*

For an additional fee, join us for a group Computrainer session at Chelsea Piers.

For an additional fee, join us for a group Computrainer session at Chelsea Piers.

*Classes must be booked in advance

Private Lessons are available for $99 per 1 hour session.

To Purchase Private Lessons:

Even Steven is the social arm of Breakaway Endurance. 

Even Steven is the social arm of Breakaway Endurance. 

Even Steven

Even Steven, the social arm of Breakaway Endurance.  Here is where you will find team socials, and get-togethers.  This is a great way to develop friendships, network, and relax away from grind of training.  


Check back soon for updates.

Join us this Sun March 5th for the first official Even Steven of 2017.  We are meeting at Ashton's Alley (50th between 2nd and 3rd) at 6:30PM.  



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